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Art department

Department of art in Rudamina School of Art was established in September 2008. During the lessons students meet various streams of visual and applied art, get painting skills, knowledge of color studies and art history. There has been organised an annual summer workshop in nature environment or in the city. In 2011, teachers created a project called „Footsteps of Ancestors in Works of Young Artists“, which main theme was „Fall through Lithuanian Folk Art Motives“. Participants were carving wood, painting, working with fabrics.

Department has a close collaboration with Lithuanian museums – students often visit various exhibitions, arrange projects or get involved into educational programmers. The best art students have already become winners of Vilnius district, national or international art competitions. Press of Poland have printed a few articles about works of young artists.

When graduating, students present their final work where their skills and knowledge should be expressed. Students are able to continue their studies in Lithuanian colleges or Vilnius Academy of Art. Two former students are studying in Gdansk Academy of Art in Poland.

Works of young artists are exhibited in school during various events: „Autumn colors“ exhibition, exhibitions dedicated to Christmas, 16th of February and 11th of March, Mother‘s day. Works are also shown in The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius, in Vilnius District Municipality. Teachers of art department are also exhibiting their works in exposition.

Methodic group of art department:

Ivona Dakinevič,

Renata Utovka,

Aleksandr Subotkevič.


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Dailės klasė

 Dailės klasės aprašymas  Nuo 2008 m. Rudaminos meno mokykloje įkurtas Dailės skyrius. Dailės pamokose pradinio ugdymo mokiniai mokomi piešimo, tapybos, kompozicijos ir konstravimo; Pagrindinio ugdymo mokiniai mokomi piešimo, tapybos, kompozicijos […]

Chorai ir vokaliniai ansambliai

∼  Jaunių choras ∼ Jaunučių choras ∼ Vokalinis ansamblis „Geniukai“

Orkestras ir ansambliai

∼   Akordeonistų orkestras ∼   Smuikininkų ansamblis I-IV kl. ∼   Smuikininkų ansamblis V-VII kl.  ∼  Pučiamųjų instrumentų ansamblis ∼   Fleitininkų ansamblis ∼   Gitaristų ansamblis

Mokyklos konkursai ir festivaliai

∼   „Rudens kaskados“ ∼   „Lenkų kompozitorių kūryba“ ∼   „Šokio ritmu: nuo senovės iki šių dienų“ ∼   „Tau, mamyte“ ∼   „Virpantis pavasaris“ ∼   “Rudaminos akordeono mėgėjų orkestras”